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The Maine Dressage Society was established in 1994 to promote and encourage a high standard of dressage in the state of Maine. The Maine Dressage Society co-ordinates and assists its chapter member dressage clubs in promoting communication through a quarterly newsletter, publishing a competition calendar/Omnibus and functioning as a GMO ( group member organization ) with the United States Dressage Federation, Inc.

To join the Maine Dressage Society ( MDS), you must complete a membership form for your local chapter dressage club. MDS has four chapter clubs- Western Maine Dressage and Eventing Association, Central Maine Dressage Association, Eastern Maine Dressage Association, and Northern Maine Dressage Assocation.

You can find links to membership forms on the Forms screen. Membership benefits include the following: primary membership in your selected dressage club, the MDS Omnibus (combined calendar of dressage shows- schooling and recognized), the opportunity to participate and register horses for the MDS year end competition awards and banquet, and a quarterly newsletter including news from all MDS dressage clubs.